wang ming has a habit of telling lies. some students often laugh at him. he is very worried so he came to ask me for advice.

  i had a talk with him, and encouraged him to overcome his

  shortcoming. i told him that i would try my best to help him and make friends with him. he was glad.

  i am sure that he will make good progress and will get along (on) well with other


  According to some social surveys, we can see that the only child in most Chinese families feels lonely in some ways. Why the only child feels lonely? Is loneliness a terrible thing?


  Compared with the western, the Chinese children are shyer in communication, which is a reason to make them lack of friends and companies. On the other hand, as the only child in the family, they can’t enjoy the happiness from brother or sister. When they meet some troubles, they have to deal with them by themselves; they can’t get help from their family fellows. Therefore, compared with the children who have brother or sister, the only child would feel lonelier.


  However, is loneliness completely a bad thing? Obviously, the answer is no, because loneliness also can bring something good for them. It is reported that the only child possesses more advantages than other children in personality and in thought.


  Firstly, the only child is more independent in personality. Lacking of help from others, they are used to dealing with all kinds of things by themselves as much as possible. Thus, the only child would be more independent in life and they can endure more setbacks and pressure. In addition, when they leave their parents and start to live alone, they would meet fewer difficulties. But the precondition is that they don’t rely on their parents deeply.


  Moreover, the only child has wider horizon than others. As the only kid in the family, they can enjoy better conditions in life or in education, and they have more opportunities to get in touch with fresh things and accept higher education. In this premise, loneliness gives them more time and space to think after study. As the saying goes, genius is the product of the loneliness. Einstein is a good example. Therefore, on the one hand, the only child feels lonely. But at the same time, one can enjoy loneliness when thinking. Loneliness brings more chances to think of meaning about life and future.


  In a word, the only child feels lonely but also can get some benefits. Learning to enjoy loneliness, one would be easier to taste the real life.



  How to Improve Student’s Mental Health

  More and more people has begun to consider their mental health that plays an important role in our daily life. Nowadays ,many students suffer from mental illness ,which seriously influence on their study and daily life.


  Consequently, schools should take effect measures to solve this problem. The mental health consul department should be built in school to help those students who suffer from mental illness. In this way, those who are subjected to the mental illness can get rid of the unhealthy shadow and build up their confident. On the one hand, school can provide a chance for students to show their tension. On the other hand, president and teachers should try their best to help those students. In addition, giving more concentration on their physical health would help them to rebuild their mental health.


  From what has been mentioned above, as students, we should try our best to communicate with our, friends, parents or teachers. Last but not the least; we should not hesitate to go to the mental health consult room for help when we have trouble in mental illness. Only in this way, can we reduce our mental illness, and we will become a strong and confident person in the end.