Today,there are ways to protect and prepare possible sites of earthquakes from severe damage,through the following processes:earthquake engineering,earthquake preparedness,household seismic safety,seismic retrofit (including special fasteners,materials,and techniques),seismic hazard,mitigation of seismic motion,and earthquake prediction.Seismic retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity,ground motion,or soil failure due to earthquakes.With better understanding of seismic demand on structures and with our recent experiences with large earthquakes near urban centers,the need of seismic retrofitting is well acknowledged.




  Family:The earthquake early warning time is short,in the room shocks proof has the feasibility,after but in the room the house collapses the triangle space which forms,often is the relative security place which the people can fortunately survive,may call it for shocks proof the space.This mainly is refers to the bulk collapse body and the strutting constitution space.In the room easy to form the triangle space the place is:* Under kang edge,nearby firm furniture; * Inner wall wall with,corner of a wall; * Kitchen,restroom,storeroom and so on standard width small places.(www.Meiwen.org)




  As we all know,the earthquake is inevitable,but we can take some methods to reduce it.First,when the earthquake happen we should hide under the furniture which are very solid(坚固的).Second,we should keep calm,and don't worry about it.Third,we should make sure that the door is open so as to escape.Besides,we should prepare something which we must carry when the earthquake happe.The things which we should carry is that enough water and food,a flashlight,a blanket and so on.TH most important point is that we must learn something about earthquake.




  If you have received possibly have the earthquake warning, continuesto maintain listens to the local broadcasting station newest reportand the suggestion, like the suggestion switches off the liquid gas,the power source. Greatly but the heavy object from high will put onto take away. The jar, the glass, the chinaware and other brittlethings admit in the low cabinet, the baggage shelf should have keepsoff the hand by to prevent the object whereabouts. The cabinet gateshould shut tightly, moves away to be hanging the object. Belowprepares the goods by to prepare urgently needs: Fresh fresh water andemergency food, flashlight, fire extinguisher. Is far away thesepossibly to fall is pounding your thing, possibly can eradicate inoutdoors trees, in the small town construction even if enough issturdy cannot destroy, the chippings also possibly fall. Runs awayspacious to place most ideal, but if does not have the enough time,stays is possibly safer in the room, on the avenue speech, the gaspiping or the electric wire which bursts can increase the risk. Passesin and out the human is most dangerous, extremely easily is wounded bythe building in bricks and stones.

  In room: When the earthquake occurs, if in the indoors, stays ininside, extinguishes the fire, is far away the glass is specially thebig window (including mirror and so on). In the room quoin or has thegood strut internal way is good seeking asylum place. Perhaps the lowground or the basement can provide the best survival opportunity.Hides in under the table bottom or other firm furniture, this not onlycan provide the protection to you, moreover also has the big breathspace. When store, is far away the big cargo exhibition hall, thesecargos possibly can drop down. Also is loaded with the elevator in themultilayered building in the office, in-situ hides in the desk bottom.Do not enter the elevator, the staircase also possibly can crowd thepanic-stricken people.

  Che Zhong: As far as possible quickly and safely stops - but stays inthe vehicle may avoid hit by the whereabouts object. Crouches inhiding under the seat, if has the thing to fall on the vehicle, youwill be able to obtain the protection. When vibrates stops down, theattention observation obstacle and possibly appears danger: Destroyedthe electric cable, damages the path and collapses bridge.Outdoors: When outdoors lie in the ground, do not have to run. Thiscan throw down, also possibly is embezzled by the crack. Is far awaythe big construction. Toward underground walk or do not enter thegallery, this can cause to be stranded. Like you already prepared tothe outdoors, did not return to in the building. The earthquake causesany construction not too to be all reliable for the first time, ifthen again occurs slightly shakes, the building can cave in. Is saferto the summit. In the pitch earth stone is easy to fall, if crushes bythe number thousand ton heavy soil block or the rock (they to havefearful speed), very little has the opportunity which fortunatelysurvives. Rolls equally on the place like the ball changes thesurvival.

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